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Spa & Massage

The Spa and Massage service in GH Universal Hotel Bandung is designed to complement your stay experience with us to greater heights. Enjoy exotic aromatherapy massages by professional spa and massage practitioners that will make you forget your worries and just enjoy only the pleasure of the moment


Situated by the parking lot, the 4.000 meters of green grassland of the Garden in GH Universal Hotel Bandung garden is perfectly suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as team building, social gatherings, or outdoor functions while you enjoy the beautiful light of Bandung’s cool sun.

Swimming Pool

Enjoy a fun and refreshing swimming time together either alone or with company in the outdoor swimming pool of GH Universal Hotel Bandung.  Located near the lobby so you will never have to walk far to enjoy a swim, our half Olympic size swimming pool can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

Secret Garden

With elegant designs featuring exquisite water fountain and the greens of woodbine and white flowers, Secret Garden in GH Universal Hotel Bandung is perfect for variety of your Bandung events, from a celebratory dining to a gathering with friends, or maybe an intimate and romantic Bandung wedding.

Courtyard of The Royal

Located next to the pool, Courtyard of the Royal is an ideal spot for a lazy brunch, afternoon bite or casual dinner. The sound of sparkling water from fountain, along with a breeze air from the pines, flowers and vines around, creates ideal venue for resting or event gathering under the stars.