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Paket Akad Nikah

  • Prior to the Wedding
  • Complimentary Food Testing for 6 (six) persons after 25% Deposit
  • Refreshments during Technical Meeting for 10 (ten) persons serving with tea, coffee and snacks
  • The Wedding Reception
  • A Remarkable Culinary of Buffet Selection
    • 1 (one) item of Canape
    • 2 (two) items of Appetizer
    • 4 (four) items of Main Course
    • 1 (one) item of Dessert
    • 2 (two) item of Slice Fruit Selection
  • Complimentary venue of Full Day Pre Wedding
  • Complimentary venue for Blessing Ceremony at Chapel of The Angel
  • Complimentary of electricity usage up to 10.000 watt
  • 5 (five) VIP parking vouchers
  • 1 (one) night stay at Deluxe King

faq page

Does GH Universal Hotel Bandung have a pool?

Yes, this hotel has a pool

Does GH Universal Hotel Bandung have a restaurant on site?

Yes, this hotel has a restaurant.

What kind of breakfast is served at GH Universal Hotel Bandung?

Guests staying at GH Universal Hotel Bandung can enjoy a highly-rated breakfast during their stay.